Confessions of a fat, pretty girl….

Since I remember, I have always been the biggest person in the room. I do not recall myself being skinny. I do not know other way of living, I do not know better, I know something better exist, but I do not know how it feels, I always wonder how I would look or feel if was thin, it’s a feeling that I’ve always dream of. I also wonder if I would be more successful or happier…. I think I’m happy right now, but maybe there’s another level of happiness that skinny girls experienced, who knows… Despite the uncomfortable feeling of knowing that I am the biggest person in the room, I learned to love myself, I learned to accept my flaws and love my strengths and the most important I thought people to love me for who I am, to see deeper and see me EDNA, not the fat girl. I did not let overweight defined me or stopped me from reaching my goals in life, but I still have one more conquest to win and that is my weight. I am stronger than my weakness, and I won’t stop until I get to my final destination. After many failures and attempts to lose weight, I decided to get the gastric sleeve a procedure that reduces the stomach by 80% and helps with  eating habits, Some people think that there are other solutions, or other ways to loose weight, but most of that people, have never been in my shoes, sooo their opinion doesn’t really count.



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  1. I love your mindset; sounds like you are in a good place! Wishing you all the best on your wellness journey – it’s definitely a beautiful one! Enjoy it!!! ❤

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