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Hello My name is Edna and welcome to my blog Posh Barby! Posh stands for Pretty, original, strong and  healthy. I strongly believe everyone woman was created and crafted beautifully. Every woman has a unique and perfect beauty despite size, weight or shape. I personally, have alwayes struggled with my weight, and I learned to love and accept myself. I built a strong  self-steem and confidence despite my overweight or the frames of what society describe as “pretty”.   This blog’s purpose is to empower woman and encourage everyone to self-love and acceptance, while we look together for a way to a healthier life style. As mentioned, I’ve struggled with overweight since my childhood, after many attempts to loose weight, I decided to have the gastric sleeve, and I invite you to walk this exciting journey with me. My final thought is this: I’m not less of person because I’m overweight. Fat or fit my value as a woman is exactly the same. The only difference is that I’m walking towards a healthier life style! And that’s all! Love you all!